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SEO Strategies Designed to Make UK Law Firms Excel Online

In the competitive legal landscape, your firm’s online visibility is paramount. At Solicitors Marketing, we specialise in tailoring SEO strategies specifically for UK law firms. Our approach is comprehensive, encompassing everything from keyword research and website improvements to sophisticated content marketing and digital PR techniques. 

Our focus is on building your firm’s authority in the legal domain, so that it gains popularity through relevant legal communities alongside ensuring it rises the ranks on search engines like Google to gain first page coverage for its key services. 

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Why Choose SEO As A Marketing Strategy for Your Law Firm?

Cost-Effective Growth: SEO leverages organic search, offering a more sustainable and financially efficient way to grow online compared to paid advertising methods like PPC. This approach can lead to a steady increase in visibility and client engagement over time without the recurring costs associated with paid ads.

Technical Excellence: SEO involves a complex blend of strategies requiring technical expertise. These include ensuring your firm’s website is aligned with the latest SEO best practices and technically optimised to perform well in search rankings. This technical proficiency is crucial for staying competitive in the dynamic digital landscape.

Our Law Firm SEO Strategies Deliver:


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£ 2000 Month + VAT
  • Secure top rankings for your business location
  • Boost rankings for 2 service pages of your choice
  • Receive four 1500-word, SEO-focused legal blogs each month
  • Full Google Business Profile optimization with 4 monthly posts
  • Gain 3-5 high-quality backlinks every month


£ 3000 Month + VAT
  • Secure top rankings for your business location
  • Boost rankings for 4 service pages of your choice
  • Receive eight 1500-word, SEO-focused legal blogs each month
  • Full Google Business Profile optimization with 8 monthly posts
  • Gain 7-10 high-quality backlinks every month

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How Search Engine Optimisation Can Be The Key for Your Law Firm’s Online Success

SEO does not rely on spending money on advertisements. Rather, it relies on a combination of best content marketing practices that, if done correctly and consistently, will allow your website to enjoy more traffic from targeted search terms, which should convert into more enquiries and leads.

In a world where over 1/3 of potential clients start their search for a law firm online, having a robust SEO strategy will allow you to showcase your legal services to a large population of people and compete with other law firms that are generating most of their business through ranking on search engines. The legal landscape in the UK and internationally is now very much online, which means that SEO must be taken seriously to make your law firm more visible on the internet. Over time, this will make an impact by providing more targeted leads on a consistent basis. 

Unfortunately, optimising a website for search engines can be highly technical, and not everyone can grasp SEO concepts as they are complicated and change frequently. Luckily, we are here to save you the hassle, as streamlining high-impact SEO strategies for law firms is what we do best. 

We offer the following tailor-made SEO services to law firms in the UK and internationally. 

Client reviews

Ms Jennifer W
Ms Jennifer WSolicitor
Read More
We absolutely love our firm's new website. Their designers are professional and timely. Money well spent.
Mr Sajid J
Mr Sajid JSenior Partner
Read More
We have really enjoyed working with Armen and his team at Solicitors Marketing. Their knowledge of UK law has allowed our firm’s website to excel over the years we have worked together. I recommend their services to law firms who are looking to grow online.
Ms Christine N
Ms Christine NSolicitor
Read More
Their content is well researched. They wrote for us on litigation areas and took care of the website SEO. Our website has been performing better since we started working with them.
Mr Enzo B
Mr Enzo B Legal Marketing Officer
Read More
I've worked with Armen for quite a while. His team are very professional and have great communication. They are always open to feedback and will make sure the work is done on time and to the high standard we expect every time.
Ms Ana N
Ms Ana NProperty Lawyer
Read More
They helped us redesign our law firm’s website and did a great job. They then moved on to build us our marketing strategy. They work hard and fast. I do recommend them.
Mr Kit C
Mr Kit CLegal Officer
Read More
Nothing more needs to be said besides that they offer a great service from beginning to end. They are a skilled team of legal content writers with great knowledge of all the recent updates of UK Law. They are also very easy to work with.
Ms Lea D
Ms Lea DImmigration Lawyer
Read More
We worked with them on some content writing tasks. They built the human rights service page on our website and wrote a lot of blog around the topic. The articles they wrote did indeed bring us some leads after a short while.
Mr Aneesh M
Mr Aneesh M Head of Marketing
Read More
Professionally, Solicitors Marketing is really up to par and has always delivered on time whenever I've needed it the most. When it comes to SEO, I was quite surprised at how well they knew their stuff on how to rank on Google, especially in the field of conveyancing law, which is highly competitive. They are true professionals, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great content or SEO-related work.
Mr Dave V
Mr Dave VPartner
Read More
We have worked with Armen since 2018. Over this time, our firm has grown across numerous areas, including UK Immigration, property law, litigation law and divorce. We still work with them today and will continue to do so for the future.
Ms Chloe H
Ms Chloe HLegal Officer
Read More
A great law firm marketing service. I have only good things to say about them. They helped set up some PPC ad campaigns and also with the SEO for our website. Thanks for your help.
Mr Chris K
Mr Chris KLegal Marketing Agency
Read More
We use them for some of our own marketing services. The backlinks they can acquire are highly specific to the UK legal niche. Great for moving the needle on services pages.

SEO Is a Long Term Digital Marketing Strategy But Results Can Show Fast

A key factor to keep in mind when it comes to SEO is that it is a long-term process, and you need to be patient and consistent in your efforts if you want to see results. Google and other search engines reward websites based on consistency, which means that writing and releasing high-value content systematically, alongside keeping your website’s structure in optimal shape, is key to creating a robust online presence. 

Our SEO services are designed to address all issues concerning the visibility of your law firm’s website on search engine pages. They range from keyword research, legal content writinglink building, SEO audits, competition analyses and on-page and off-page SEO. 

Generally, law firms who work with us will start to see results within around 2-3 months on average.

If you would like to know more about how we have helped clients in the past and what results they have seen, please do not hesitate to contact us

We Offer SEO Services Geared Towards The Following Legal Areas

Frequently Asked Questions About Law Firm SEO

Yes. Search engine optimisation is crucial for the success of your law firm’s overall digital marketing efforts.

Almost half of your website visitors will discover your firm initially through a search engine. So, it’s paramount to boost your brand on these domains. Proper SEO techniques make your site appear high-up on search engine result pages consistently when people look for information that is of relevance to the services your provide.

We offer a wide range of SEO services, including keyword research, link building, content writing, SEO audits, competition analyses and on-page and off-page optimisation services. We will implement and mastermind a full-proof plan geared at improving your ranking on search engines in terms of your law firm’s local SEO for it’s specific area and also the wider city and country your firm is situated in. 

A search engine optimization audit is a process that evaluates different website elements that affect a site’s visibility and performance in organic search results. The audit helps a digital marketer establish if a website is compliant with the best practices to gain maximise exposure.

An SEO audit reveals various foundational problems affecting the performance of a website in organic search results on search engines. User experience concerns, potential on-page and off-page issues, content gaps and website structure issues are among the problems the audit can reveal. Additionally, the audit can expose content opportunities and competitive marketplace insights that can be helpful in the development of subsequent marketing strategies.

No, you can do it yourself. However, remember there’s a lot of learning and work that goes into proper SEO execution. If you’re a novice, brace yourself for a fairly long learning journey before you master the advanced levels of the exercise. Besides, considering the constant search engine changes and updates, learning SEO never stops, and you need to invest a lot of time to stay in the loop with the changes.

Therefore, you might not get the best of SEO if you have other activities and commitments that take up much of your time. On that note, you need a reputable professional SEO expert to take care of your search engine optimisation needs. A professional will not only save you time and the hassle of learning and trying lots of stuff but will ensure that all the optimisation strategies you implement are effective and in line with the search engine rules.

Honestly speaking, the results of SEO are not as instant as paid advertising. Generally, websites take a couple of months (say, three to six) before they start experiencing the effects of SEO efforts. However, the seemingly delayed impact is compensated by the long-term results that SEO delivers. The results of organic online marketing strategies last longer as compared to paid ads as they are highly scalable once your website is considered an “authoritative source” by a search engine like Google.

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