PPC Advertising for Law Firms

We can bring you the most amount of relevant paid traffic in line with your budget.

PPC Ad Campaigns for Law Firms

Google Ads, Bing Ads or any other type of pay per click (PPC) advertising can offer a mega boost to your overall marketing strategy. When you’re using such ads to promote your legal services or brand online, you’re required to pay for every click made on your ads by internet users. 

A well-executed PPC ad campaign can help your firm generate a high number of quality leads within a short period. Unlike search engine optimisation, which may take weeks or months to produce the desired results, the results of a PPC campaign are almost immediate. However, if not managed well, PPC campaigns might cause an arm and a leg and fail to bring in a reasonable return on investment. 

At Solicitors Marketing, we help you launch highly targeted pay per click ad campaigns for cost efficiency and ultra-effectiveness. Our online advertisement experts identify keywords that are currently used by your prospective clients while searching for legal services online, particularly focusing on the phrases that are least used by your competitors in their ad campaigns. Google Adwords for lawyers is a must need.

When applied to your ads, the less competitive keywords with reasonably high search traffic volume result in a great increase in the number of calls coming your way from prospective clients, number of visitors to your website and levels of your general interactions with your online audience.  

Besides, we make your ads look attractive to entice people into clicking on them and target the ideal personas to ensure that most, if not all, of the people who click on your ads, are interested in or need services that are within your niche. As such, we’ll save you unnecessary costs from clicks by people who aren’t interested in what your firm is offering. 

Additionally, we help you stay in the loop with the performance of your ad through powerful and effective monitoring tools and strategies. The insights we get from the monitoring help us to continually optimise and refine your ad campaign, turning it into a powerful lead generation machine for your law firm. 

In a nutshell, our PPC ad campaign for law firm services can:

Help your firm realise its full potential this month through our PPC ad campaign services for law firms.

PPC Campaigns FAQs

Do you want more traffic to your website to have more leads to convert to more paying clients? Well, search engine advertisement or PPC advertising is a silver bullet to instantly drive traffic to your website.

There’s no minimum or maximum budget for a Google Ads campaign. The ideal budget for your campaign depends on the objectives of the campaign, locations targeted and how much you can afford for the marketing investment. 

Considering that the average cost per click for Google AdWords is £1 to £5, it is recommended to start with as low as £20-30 as far as the average daily budget for the campaign is concerned. This is in addition to our fee for setting up and managing your campaigns. 

However, you can rarely see any significant results from such a low investment. Don’t worry if you sound more lost in trying to figure out the ideal budget for your campaign. Reach out to us, and we’ll advise you on the best range, depending on your specific marketing needs and goal.

If you have an ongoing Google Ad campaign that doesn’t seem to perform well, you might be tempted to get it tweaked to see if it’ll improve. 

Nevertheless, it’s not advisable to make any adjustment on the ad text, bid strategy or the bids themselves if the campaign is less than three weeks old. Additionally, you shouldn’t reduce the campaign’s budget within the period. Why? Because a pay-per-click campaign undergoes a learning phase in the first two to three weeks of its existence. 

During this phase, Google’s artificial intelligence collects relevant data continuously and gathers crucial insights that will help the search engine to execute real-time optimisations to your campaign for better results. So, it is advisable to give the search engine enough time to do all that before you consider introducing any other change to your campaign.

Client reviews

A great law firm marketing service by Armen and his team. I have only good things to say about them. They helped set up some PPC ad campaigns and also with our SEO. Thanks for your help.
Chloe Hsu
Chloe Hsu
12:51 04 May 22
They built us a great website and created our online marketing strategy. We definitely have gotten some good results from their work. They deliver what they say.
Ana Nogueira
Ana Nogueira
15:48 04 Apr 22
They really gave us some fantastic insights and helped with our law firm marketing. We are very pleased with the results.
Professionally, these guys are really up to par and have always delivered on time whenever I've needed it the most.When it comes to SEO, I was quite surprised on how well they knew their stuff. True professionals and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for great content or SEO related work.
Aneesh Medina
Aneesh Medina
12:30 17 Feb 22
A great service from beginning to end. They are a skilled team of legal content writers who are very easy to work with.
Kit O'Conor
Kit O'Conor
12:24 09 Feb 22
A really excellent service! Thanks for your help with our SEO and Google My Business. We will be back.
Jasmien Decaluwe
Jasmien Decaluwe
14:01 20 Jan 22


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