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Link Building Services

Creating high-quality backlinks is a key part of any robust SEO strategy for law firms. By having backlinks from well-respected websites, you can improve your firm’s visibility and organic search ranking alongside its domain name authority, which means more potential business opportunities. However, link building can be overwhelming and a time-consuming process.

That’s why partnering with an experienced and reputable SEO agency that can help you create a comprehensive link-building strategy for your law firm is important.

As part of our SEO for law firms service, our link-building service is one of our most popular products, and we have years of experience doing this for our clients, driving their firms in some cases from page 10 to page 1 on search engines for the keywords that are of relevance to them. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring “contextual backlinks” from other websites that lead back to your own. These links are targeted through keywords to relevant pages and act as a trust score, where the more trust you have, the more likely you will be noticed by search engines and ranked higher in organic search results. If a link building strategy is carried out effectively, your law firm’s website and its service pages will rank higher over time in search engines for the relevant keywords they deserve to show for.

However, there is a lot to consider when implementing this kind of strategy for your business. First, you must take a holistic approach and consider how each link will impact your business. This is where partnering with an experienced SEO agency can be so valuable.

At Solicitors Marketing, we understand the nuances and ever-changing landscape of SEO, and we stay on top of all the latest trends and algorithm changes. On that note, our team of experienced writers and link builders will be efficient in helping create and implement a comprehensive strategy for your law firm that will drive results.

We Use the Safest Link Building Practices

Our link-building service cuts no corners. We only use the safest methods to acquire links for our clients. This includes conducting manual outreach to website owners and publishers, creating high-quality content that others will want to link to, and building relationships with other websites in your industry.

In addition, we never engage in any black hat or spammy practices that could do more harm than good. This includes buying links, using link farms, or participating in link schemes. These kinds of shortcuts might get you results in the short term, but they will ultimately negatively impact your website’s ranking and could even get you penalized by Google.

A great link-building strategy takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work. But the payoff is worth it. When done correctly, link building can be an extremely effective way to improve your website’s organic search ranking and grow your business.

What You Can Expect From Our Link Building Service

Link Building FAQs

Generally, any website can benefit from link building. Quality backlinks will not only increase traffic to a website but also increase the authority and trustworthiness of a site. As a result, a website receiving backlinks from other trustworthy websites gets a higher ranking on search engine result pages. So, whether you have a business website or just a simple blog, link building services will be crucial for SEO and will portray you as a trustworthy contributor/player who commands significant influence in your niche.

Yes, if you have some relevant experience, you can do link building for your website yourself. However, learning how to develop and implement effective link building strategies can be quite a complex process, and it may take you an extended period of time before you perfect the skill. If you don’t want to take such a lengthy route, consider hiring an SEO expert agency such as us at Solicitors Marketing.

Generally, our link building strategy mix varies from one website to another, depending on our initial evaluation of a website. We apply different white hack strategies that result in producing high quality links that are respected by search engines. Our range of link building strategies includes guest-posting with quality and relevant content and leveraging this with the skyscraper technique to build strong link foundations that all point to your website at the top. 

Yes, we do. After creating the quality links, we monitor the impact they give to your website. This analysis gives us crucial insights into what’s working and what needs to be adjusted in the future. We explain this all in our biweekly reports.

The answer to this question is dependent on the kind of tactics you’re employing to build links. If you’re using legitimate, search engine-friendly White Hat tactics (like what we do at Solicitors Marketing), rest assured that your website will never be penalised by search engines or banned from search results. 

Client reviews

A great law firm marketing service by Armen and his team. I have only good things to say about them. They helped set up some PPC ad campaigns and also with our SEO. Thanks for your help.
Chloe Hsu
Chloe Hsu
They built us a great website and created our online marketing strategy. We definitely have gotten some good results from their work. They deliver what they say.
Ana Nogueira
Ana Nogueira
They really gave us some fantastic insights and helped with our law firm marketing. We are very pleased with the results.
Professionally, these guys are really up to par and have always delivered on time whenever I've needed it the most.When it comes to SEO, I was quite surprised on how well they knew their stuff. True professionals and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for great content or SEO related work.
Aneesh Medina
Aneesh Medina
A great service from beginning to end. They are a skilled team of legal content writers who are very easy to work with.
Kit O'Conor
Kit O'Conor
A really excellent service! Thanks for your help with our SEO and Google My Business. We will be back.


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