We have a team of expert legal content writers who can write your website content, blogs, press releases and more.

Legal Content Writing

At Solicitors Marketing, we acknowledge that nowadays, if you want to gain the attention of your prospective clients, you must be able to demonstrate a deep understanding of their problems and your exceptional ability to help them solve them.

Content marketing has been proven to be amongst the most effective ways of achieving this by demonstrating your expertise and providing helpful information in your area of legal practice. Besides, you’ll be able to create trust and lasting relationships with your clients if you constantly provide them with quality and relevant content.

Whether you need blog posts, comprehensive guides, press releases, social media content, ad copies or guest articles for your website, our legal content writing service has got you fully covered. We are a team of marketing and legal experts and have a highly competent and experienced legal content writers that will ensure that you get your high value legal content on time. 

You can count on our versatile writers for outstanding content that will touch on various pain points of your prospective clients’ needs and position your firm as the best solution to their legal problems. Besides, we understand that your audience might have varying levels of education. As such, we’ll offer you content that your audience will find it easy to read and comprehend

Legal Content Writing FAQs

Yes, if you have some legal content that needs some improvement to bring out the best results, we’ll be glad to help you rewrite or update it. We’ll apply our SEO expertise to make the content perform better, be more up-to-date, more professional and informative. 

Yes, we offer 100% unique content. Our legal content writers always use premium plagiarism tools such as Copyscape to scan customers’ content for plagiarism, ensuring the copies delivered to the editing team have zero plagiarism levels. 

Even where data from other sources is incorporated in your content, we’ll ensure that the information is presented in a unique manner in your content copy to make sure you do not get penalised for duplicate content.

Yes, our copywriters acknowledge the importance of content that’s optimised for search engines. With keywords being among the key elements of SEO, we have an SEO team that you can count on for top-notch keyword research. 

Depending on your needs, you can hire one or several of our content writers on an hourly, weekly or monthly basis. Once you submit the details of your project and pay for the same, we’ll check through the profiles of our highly experienced legal content writers and identify the one with in-depth knowledge on the specific legal areas highlighted in your project details. Then, we will notify you that your project has been assigned to so-and-so, and you’ll be in a position to communicate with the writer through a designated communication channel.

Once you receive the writer’s delivery and you’re satisfied with the work, you can back as regularly as you want for more content and indicate that you’d like your project to be handled by that specific writer.

Yes, but we prefer at least a 3-day deadline for a piece of content not exceeding 1000 words and a minimum of 5-7 days for a longer piece. However, we prefer longer deadlines so that our writers have enough time to prepare for and work on your project without rush.

Yes, the moment we hand over a piece of content that you’ve paid for, you get all the ownership rights to the content. You can do whatever you want with the content without any doubt that someone might raise a copyright claim over the piece.

Besides, we’ll never use a copy of your work as a sample to prove our legal content writing expertise to other clients without your consent. Our engagement with you is bound by a default non-disclosure agreement that ensures that we keep all communication between you and us private and confidential. Therefore, we can’t disclose the details of any work submitted to you to a third party without your permission.

Client reviews

A great law firm marketing service by Armen and his team. I have only good things to say about them. They helped set up some PPC ad campaigns and also with our SEO. Thanks for your help.
Chloe Hsu
Chloe Hsu
They built us a great website and created our online marketing strategy. We definitely have gotten some good results from their work. They deliver what they say.
Ana Nogueira
Ana Nogueira
They really gave us some fantastic insights and helped with our law firm marketing. We are very pleased with the results.
Professionally, these guys are really up to par and have always delivered on time whenever I've needed it the most.When it comes to SEO, I was quite surprised on how well they knew their stuff. True professionals and I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for great content or SEO related work.
Aneesh Medina
Aneesh Medina
A great service from beginning to end. They are a skilled team of legal content writers who are very easy to work with.
Kit O'Conor
Kit O'Conor
A really excellent service! Thanks for your help with our SEO and Google My Business. We will be back.


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